Virtual Poster Session I


Tuesday, July 14, 2020, 2:30pm to 4:30pm

Due to the size of this conference, we are only able to feature a subset of poster presenters in synchronous poster sessions: PhD students close to graduation or recently graduated. Make sure to check out the full list of conference posters.


Meeting Room 1: Causal Inference and Endogeneity

Ye Wang; Causal Inference under Temporal and Spatial Interference
Gemma DipoppaHow Criminal Organizations Expand to Strong States: Migrants’ Exploitation and Vote Buying in Northern Italy
Christopher SchwarzAgnostic Sensitivity Analysis

Meeting Room 2: Comparative Politics and Regression Discontinuity

Ali AhmedWhen Inequality Matters: The Role of Wealth during England’s Democratic Transition
Kathryn Baragwanath and Ella Bayi; Collective Property Rights Reduce Deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon

Meeting Room 3: Difference-in-Differences Models

Thomas LeavittCausal Inference in Difference-in-Differences Designs under Uncertainty in Counterfactual Trends
Kimberly TurnerA Win or A Flop? Identifying and Estimating Unintended Protest Costs in Measuring Success Outcomes
Jeremy Bowles(How) Do Elections Build States? Evidence from Liberian Electoral Administration
Rachel Porter, Sarah Treul and Maura McDonald; Changing the Dialogue: Candidate Position-Taking in Primary Elections

Meeting Room 4: Experimental Designs

Connor Jerzak; A General Method for Detecting & Characterizing Interference in Field Experiments
Alessio AlbarelloWho Gets Their Way in Coalition Policy?
Gustavo DiazA Variable Selection Approach to Spillovers

Meeting Room 5: Ideal Point Estimation

Tzu-Ping Liu and Takanori Fujiwara; Contrastive Multiple Component Analysis (cMCA): Applying the Contrastive Learning Method to Identify Political Subgroups
Evan Rosenman and Nitin Viswanathan; Using Poisson Binomial Models to Reveal Voter Preferences
Naijia LiuLatent Factor Approach to Missing Not at Random
Gento Kato, Tzu-Ping Liu and Samuel Fuller; Non-Parametric Bridging of Non-Parametric Ideological Scales: Application to Mapping Voters on Politicians’ Ideological Space

Meeting Room 6: Item Response/Crosswise Models

Yuki Atsusaka, Randy Stevenson and Ahra Wu; Bias-Corrected Crosswise Estimators for Sensitive Inquiries
Caroline LancasterValue Shift: Immigration Attitudes and the Sociocultural Divide
Zoe NemereverUrban-Rural Divide in State Political Parties
Haosen GeMeasuring Regulatory Barriers Using Annual Reports of Firms