Virtual Poster Session II


Wednesday, July 15, 2020, 2:30pm to 4:30pm

Due to the size of this conference, we are only able to feature a subset of poster presenters in synchronous poster sessions: PhD students close to graduation or recently graduated. Make sure to check out the full list of conference posters.


Meeting Room 7: Machine Learning

Matthew Tyler; Rigorous Subjectivity: Demystifying and Improving Human Coding with Statistical Models
Andrew Halterman; Extracting Political Events from Text Using Grammatical Dependency Parsing and Machine Learning
Shiyao LiuBeyond Topics: Semi-Supervised Learning for Texts from a Measurement Perspective

Meeting Room 8: Political Behavior and Measurement

Shiro Kuriwaki; Clustering large-scale ballot data with varying choice sets
Kazuma Mizukoshi; A new multilevel-based indicator for party system nationalization
Sidak Yntiso and Sanford Gordon; Attributable Risk of Race: Detecting Partisan and Racial Gerrymandering
Gabriel Madson; The Heuristic Issue Voter: Issue Preferences and Candidate Choice

Meeting Room 9: Social Media, Social Networks and Democracy

Omer Faruk Yalcin; Measuring Political Elite Networks with WikiData
Adam Breuer, R. Eilat and U. Weinsberg; Friend or Faux: Social Network-Based Early Detection of Fake User Accounts on Facebook
Patrick ChesterFraming Democracy: Identifying Autocratic Anti-Democratic Propaganda Using Word Embeddings
Sean NortonWho Do You Think You’re Fooling? Examining the Internal Russian Disinformation Campaign

Meeting Room 10: Surveys and Survey Experiments

Natalia Lamberova; The Puzzling Politics of R&D: Signaling Competence through Risky Projects
Matthew GrahamCertain. Wrong. Misinformed? Evaluating Survey-Based Measures of Political Misperceptions
Erin RossiterThe Consequences of Social Interaction on Outparty Affect and Stereotypes

Meeting Room 11: Text and Image Data

Benjamin Guinaudeau and Simon Roth; Floor Speeches and Ideological Position: Estimating Ideology of Representatives
Patrick Wu and Walter R. Mebane, Jr.; Joint Image-Text Classification Using A Transformer-Based Architecture
Yin Yuan; Decoding Propaganda Slogans in China: Reading Between the Lines Using Word Embeddings

Meeting Room 12: Time Series and Survival Analysis

Nadiya KostyukDiffusion of Cybersecurity Policies
Seo-young Silvia KimDonation Dynamics: Do Critical Campaign Events Influence Contributions?
Flávio Souza; Multiplicative Interactions in Error Correction Models
Ryden ButlerLearning from Likes: The Effect of Social Engagement Feedback on Politicians’ Social Media Communications