PolMeth 2020

Welcome to the legacy website of the 2020 conference of the Society for Political Methodology, which took place between July 14 and July 17, 2020.

Originally scheduled in person at the University of Toronto in Canada, PolMeth XXXVII was one of the first conferences to be held virtually at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions. We had a dedicated conference website to show posters, but it is now offline. This is the legacy website that was originally used to announce the conference.

You may download the final program as a pdf file below:

Download the program for PolMeth XXXVII


2020 Program Committee

Michael A. Bailey (Georgetown), Olga Chyzh (ISU), Jay Goodliffe (BYU), Nahomi Ichino (Emory), Jacob Montgomery (WUSTL), Mark Pickup (Simon Fraser) and Ludovic Rheault (Toronto, Chair).

2020 Graduate Student Selection Committee

Wendy K. Tam Cho (Illinois), Michelle Dion (McMaster), Ellen M. Key (Appalachian State), Matthew Lebo (Western Ontario), Ludovic Rheault (Toronto) and Teppei Yamamoto (MIT, Chair).

2020 Poster Awards Committee

Michael A. Bailey (Georgetown University), Patrick Brandt (University of Texas at Dallas), Sarah Bouchat (Northwestern University), Charles Crabtree (Dartmouth College), Thomas Gschwend (University of Mannheim), Erin Hartman (UCLA), John Londregan (Princeton University, Chair), Betsy Sinclair (WUSTL).

2020 Conference Staffers

Andreea Musulan, webmaster (University of Toronto), Sophie Borwein (University of Toronto), Md. Mujahedul Islam (University of Toronto), Regan Johnston (McMaster University), Mikaela Karstens (Penn State University), Anwar Mohammed (McMaster University), Nathan Morse (Penn State University), Ilayda Onder (Penn State University), Justin Savoie (University of Toronto).

2020 Organizers

Ludovic Rheault (Toronto), with the precious collaboration of Suzanna Linn (Penn State University) and special advisor Justin Esarey (Wake Forest University).

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Thank you to our sponsors:

  • The Department of Political Science, University of Toronto
  • The National Science Foundation
  • Facebook (Meta)
  • Google